About Me

New Media - Beth 1pmI cook to relax and I most enjoy it when I cook for those I love. I prefer eating more healthy these days as it does show up in my mood and body. I raised a set of girl/boy twins and have made my share of cooking mistakes over the years. My lessons learned will help you feel confident to find your way around the kitchen.

This blog will simplify the process of wondering what to make quickly with a few ingredients. Easy recipes (taste-tested) that I have picked up along the way (mine or others) that will be your go-to recipes when you have a few ingredients, no ideas, hungry, and short on time. At times, I will tweak recipes from others that make it easier, healthier, or taste better.

Check back often for recipe ideas with just a few simple ingredients and I will do my best to prove to you that cooking can be easy, fast, and mostly healthy!